About us

Koulè was founded in Barcelona as the result of several once-in-a-lifetime trips and cultural experiences.

Our passion for fashion has instilled in us a need to design bags from an honest and simple perspective, because that is how we understand luxury.
The word Koulè comes from our names Rosa and Blanca, the names of colours: Koulè means colour in Haitian.

We work with local workshops where we are fully involved in the production process. The artists we collaborate with share our love for every detail and for the quality of our products. Our leather goods are 100% Spanish. We are committed to sustainability, reducing our environmental impact as much as possible; prioritising plant leathers and hides from the food industry.
Koulè does not have collections, but small timeless series that are created and produced by a wonderful team. From practical everyday bags to evening bags and sophisticated bags for special occasions.

Rosa and Blanca.

Koulè means colour in Haitian.

Colour is light.

Light is life.

Life is diversity.